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Bev Wills at Cruise Holidays is an Australian owned small business providing a boutique travel service to our clients including flights, tours, cruises and hotel stays throughout the world. You can search and book online at your convenience, with the added benefit of our expertise and support every step of the way. Contact us for a quote or advice on your future travel needs, we'd love to help you.

In the past decade, conflict and disasters have increased exponentially leading to record numbers of people requiring humanitarian aid and assistance across the globe. In many regions, the funds required to ensure adequate resources and assistance are rarely obtained. We all need to play a part in ensuring our communities, whether at home or across the seas, are safe, prosperous and self-sufficient. We have a long way to go to ensure this is obtainable for all. 

Bev Wills Cruise Holidays has joined up with B1G1 Business is Good to ensure we can play a part even when we are enjoying ourselves and creating memories with friends and family. This means every time you book an experience with me, funds will be donated to those in need.  You will receive an appreciation certificate that outlines the change you have made in someone else's life. 

Small acts when multiplied by many, can change the world...

There are 500+ world projects listed with B1G1 Business is Good.  Each month I'll review recent events and update the website to reflect the change we can make together.  A world of giving is my commitment to becoming a Business for Good.

As we inspire others to be part of this change, we can focus on what really matters. Sharing the joy of giving, the impact it creates and the spirit of  making a difference is being helped along by us, together.

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Since 2000 I've been travelling around our country by Train, Ship, River Cruise, Helicopters, Flights, Driving & hiking.

I found my passion. 20 years later I am sharing my passion with friends and like-minded people that love to travel and have adventures.

I have now reached out to every corner of the world.  So why not join me in exploring and finding new destinations in the world where we can all have fun and return home with some fantastic stories.

I'm Bev Wills and you'll find me in google .. Look for the Expert at Land and Sea.  Bev Wills Cruise Holidays. Join me for a life time experience.


Asia , Canada, USA, South Pacific, New Zealand, Europe, Mediterranean, South America, South Africa. World cruising, Luxury and Small ship cruising.



Independent Luxury Travel, Group travel, Solo travel, Family travel, World Cruising, River cruising, Flights, Travel Insurance, Touring, Car Hire, Packages, Fly, Cruise & Stay



Bev Wills Cruise Holidays - Australia

Most Impactful Ethical Travel Agent - Australia 2021

Bev Wills Cruise Holidays is an Australian owned family business providing a boutique travel service for the ethical traveller adventuring throughout the world.
Bev Wills Cruise Holidays has joined up with B1G1 Business is Good to ensure we can play a part even when we are enjoying ourselves and creating memories with friends and family. This means every time you book a life-changing experience, funds will be donated to those in need. Follow the link to find out more.

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Operating under license to Your Travel & Cruise Pty Ltd.  
Bev Wills at Cruise Holidays operates under license and as an agent of Your Travel & Cruise Pty Ltd, ABN 69105940332. Your Travel & Cruise is a member of CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association) and the Magellan Travel group, a wholly owned subsidiary of Helloworld Travel.  
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